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Pelletizing Production Line

  • Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line
Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line

Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line

  • Ease:PE, PP, ABS
  • Packing:As required
  • Payment:T/T L/C
  • customized:Yes
  • Product description: The production line series are composed by two sets of extruders as main body with specific scientific design which makes it very effective in recycling processing of the films containing high amount

Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line

The production line series are composed by two sets of extruders as main body
with specific scientific design which makes it very effective in recycling processing of the films containing high amount of water and various foaming materials; their production ensures the mixing effect of soluble rubber and the intensity of colloidal granule products.
The dual exhaust system increases degassing capacity, making the volatilizing and release more thorough. The optimized force feeding system makes the productivity largely increased. High-speed mixing pelletizing machine greatly matches with the single-screw extruder. The material sources, such as thin film, fiber and so on, are directly added into extrusion machine after high-speed cutting and crushing. It is applicable to recycling of all kinds of waste plastics.
Low melting soluble point effectively reduces the source materials’ degradation once more. It is applicable in pelletizing of waste film pieces of materials of
PE, EVA, PVC as well as the burdening materials of PE, PVC, ABS and PP. The machine is used in pelletizing of nylon and POM crushed material, adopts two-step composite machinery structure, realizes the two-step filter effect, and more effectively deletes the contained impurities in the recycled materials; it can also thoroughly exhaust, well distribute the plasticizing effect, making the granules intensified, rigidly strengthened and glossy. The plasticizing and mixing process are well distributed, intensely configured, low-energy-costing and high productive.
The auxiliary machine adopts methods of wind feeding and vibration cooling separation, which has good properties of high degree of automation, high production efficiency and others. The manufactured plastic granules are characterized in uniformity, intensity and beauty. It equipped with auxiliary equipment like hot-cutting, wind-cooling, water circulation cooling and strip cut pelletizing.

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Service for Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line:

Pre-Pre-sale: customers can consult to our company for various technique and business, our company will provide related information to facilitate reference, and provides the corresponding marketing information, sales price, sales method, to help customers know the entire market.

In-sIn Insale: after the two sides signed the contract, our company will provide corresponding design of water, electricity, air, ground installation diagram, according to customer requirements and the actual situation. After the production completed, we should inform customer in advance in order to inspect machine testing, and provide various convenience like airport pick-up, catering, hotel booking etc.

Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line After-sales: after equipment completed in our company and debugging qualified, equipment arrived customer’s factory, our technician should arrive customer’s factory in time at customer’s requirements to do installation, commissioning, personnel training, technology transfer, until the user can operate independently, and produce qualified products.

Formulation and technical support: all production equipment of our company are free of charge to provide the production formula and debug the equipment according to the formula. Any problem in the production process can call us for consultation.

Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line Maintenance and warranty for equipment: all equipment of our company are provided with corresponding accessories, the warranty period of our equipment is one year, operation manual and maintenance manual are offered.

Double-stage Recycling Pelletizing Line Main technical parameter:








Diameter mm





Screw ratio (L/D)





Screw barrel material:

38CrMoAIA nitridation treatment

Screw number:






frequency control

Motor power kw





Max. extrusion capacity kg/h





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