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  • PP film coated formwork equipment
  • PP film coated formwork equipment
  • PP film coated formwork equipment
  • PP film coated formwork equipment
  • PP film coated formwork equipment
  • PP film coated formwork equipment
PP film coated formwork equipmentPP film coated formwork equipmentPP film coated formwork equipmentPP film coated formwork equipmentPP film coated formwork equipmentPP film coated formwork equipment

PP film coated formwork equipment

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PP film coated formwork equipment, PP film faced construction board equipment, plastic covered formwork equipment, wooden formwork plastic covered equipment

The base material of film coated clear water formwork is clear water formwork, which is a kind of wooden building formwork. The formwork is made of high-quality birch, poplar and other plates in the north of China, pine, fir, eucalyptus and other plates in the south of China. The surface is made of wood plywood formwork impregnated with phenolic resin with strong water resistance and hot pressed at high temperature. Its surface is smooth and smooth. The disadvantage of this formwork is that it can not be exposed to the sun or exposed to the sun It can be drenched in the rain, not stored in a particularly hot and dry place, and the formwork shall be stored on a flat and level site, etc. However, a large number of release agents shall be used in the actual application of this formwork, which has affinity with the concrete, so it is time-consuming and laborious to remove the formwork. After the removal of the wooden formwork, it shall be cleaned up with non-metallic tools such as brush, plastic or wooden scraper, and then it shall be padded with wood, and the corners shall be stacked in alignment On the flat ground, the board surface shall not be in direct contact with the board surface, and the formwork shall be kept ventilated to prevent sun exposure, rain and regular inspection. In order to solve various problems in the use of wooden formwork, our company has developed a wooden formwork covered with a layer of PP and toughened film, which solves the shortcomings of wooden formwork. The number of turnover is 2-3 times that of ordinary wooden formwork, reducing the construction cost by half, and the number of turnover is more than 30 times. It is smooth and smooth, tightly spliced, and the finish is more than that of clean formwork, so it does not need to be plastered twice. The water effect is good, the wood inside is plastic outside, does not absorb water, has strong stability, does not shrink, does not wet up, does not crack, does not deform, has stable size, is alkali resistant and corrosion-resistant, is fire-retardant and waterproof, can be constructed in all seasons. Good construction performance, nail, saw, drilling and other properties better than bamboo plywood, small steel plate, can be processed into various shapes of formwork according to construction needs.

Production process and equipment characteristics of PP film coated clear water formwork board equipment, turnover machine, mainly for the preparation of the equipment into the board, after 90 degrees backward rotation, the wooden formwork is arranged orderly, and there is an accurate fixed position, to prepare for the board system. The board system, the past operation of this kind of equipment, know that the board system is very important, and every time into a board, but into two or more, it will block the roll hole The machine can damage the chain or the shaft of the hole rolling machine and stop the machine for maintenance. The company independently develops the manipulator plate feeding system, which is easy to operate and full-automatic plate feeding, without the possibility of two or more plates feeding. The saw blade of the hole rolling machine is made of manganese steel, wear-resistant, and the hole drilling depth can reach more than 6mm. The plate pushing machine and conveying machine, advanced circuit control system, plate feeding speed faster than the calender, can be produced continuously. Two extruders extrude PP material The PP material is extruded into the wood plate by the high pressure of the calender to prevent the surface plastic layer from falling off. The climbing type plate breaker, advanced four side cutting system, can accurately cut the edge of the wood plate with an error of less than 1mm, and can cut multiple pieces at the same time. The stacking system is pneumatically controlled and the plates are stacked neatly

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