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Strap Band Production Line

  • PP packing strap production line
PP packing strap production line

PP packing strap production line

  • Ease:PP
  • Packing:As required
  • Payment:T/T L/C
  • Installation:As required
  • Product description: PP packing strap production line produced by Qingdao Canplast Machinery adopted advance technology from Korea and Japan, with rigorous research and investigation, it develops a new generation of one-m

PP packing strap production line produced by Qingdao Canplast Machinery adopted advance technology from Korea and Japan, with rigorous research and investigation, it develops a new generation of one-machine-double-strap production line. The production line can produce ultra-thin strap, Primary Mi packing strap, and environmental protection packing strap. The manufactured products have clear pattern, neat uniform and light weight. The main machine of double strap production line is treated by 38 chrome-molybdenum aluminum nitride with latest compression ratio in line with PP feature; it has mutant progressive screw barrel, gearbox with hard tooth surface specified for plastic production, and high-standard configuration which all ensures the good extrusion effect. The PP strap band production line adopts fine-tuning mechanical die heads with stable and smooth shape formed by base. Stainless steel cooling tank, 4 times’ thermal treatment replaces traditional old-fashioned oven heat, innovative five-roller haul-off ensures stable quality growth of the product forming. New rewinding technology overcomes the old equipment deficits in rewinding as products had substantial lean, and there were serious problematic phenomenon of bending and deflection in the strap turning section, while the strap band is smoothly winded by the new technology. The band is embossed by laser, with clear and uniform pattern, and aesthetic appearance. Accurate quantitative feeding of materials and mixing of raw materials. Automatic circulation of preheating and drying. Plasticizing is equalized and uniformed. With the stable extrusion effect and clear accurate temperature control. Metering pump ensures continuous and stable products. Great hauling-off of stretching products and insulation oven are accompanied. Stainless steel water tank of large capacity, automatic liquid level control. Specially designed screw extruder is able to produce products by 100% recycled material. Powerful vacuum system avoids the dehumidification and drying of raw material. The energy cost is 40% lower than the raw material. Our company can provide technique formulation and turnkey projects.

Qingdao Canplast Machinery welcome friends around the world to inquire with PP packing strap production line.

Service for PP packing strap production line :

Pre-Pre-sale: customers can consult to our company for various technique and business, our company will provide related information to facilitate reference, and provides the corresponding marketing information, sales price, sales method, to help customers know the entire market.

In-sIn Insale: after the two sides signed the contract, our company will provide corresponding design of water, electricity, air, ground installation diagram, according to customer requirements and the actual situation. After the production completed, we should inform customer in advance in order to inspect machine testing, and provide various convenience like airport pick-up, catering, hotel booking etc.

PP packing strap production line After-sales: after equipment completed in our company and debugging qualified, equipment arrived customer’s factory, our technician should arrive customer’s factory in time at customer’s requirements to do installation, commissioning, personnel training, technology transfer, until the user can operate independently, and produce qualified products.

Formulation and technical support: all production equipment of our company are free of charge to provide the production formula and debug the equipment according to the formula. Any problem in the production process can call us for consultation.

PP packing strap production line Maintenance and warranty for equipment: all equipment of our company are provided with corresponding accessories, the warranty period of our equipment is one year, operation manual and maintenance manual are offered.

PP packing strap production line Main technical parameter




Main material

PP aggregates

PP aggregates

Article a number



Finished tape widemm



Finished tapethick mm



Extrusion quantity kg/h



Rated linear velocity m/min






Production line length



Water cycle cooling groove material

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

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