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  • Stone carton equipment
  • Stone carton equipment
  • Stone carton equipment
  • Stone carton equipment
  • Stone carton equipment
Stone carton equipmentStone carton equipmentStone carton equipmentStone carton equipmentStone carton equipment

Stone carton equipment

  • Product width:1200-3000mm
  • Material Science:PP
  • Production speed:1-9m/min
  • capacity:300-800kg/h
  • Product description: The raw materials of stone cartons are mainly polypropylene and stone powder. The stone raw material resources are very extensive. Coal gangue, iron ore slag, marble, granite, tailings slag and other

Stone carton equipment

Introduction to stone carton equipment:

The raw materials of stone cartons are mainly polypropylene and stone powder. The stone raw material resources are very extensive. Coal gangue, iron ore slag, marble, granite, tailings slag and other non-sulphur and lead ores are processed by grinding and high temperature internal smelting. The design concept of stone carton is to make up for various shortcomings of carton. The stone carton has more comprehensive and extensive functions than ordinary cartons. It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-aging, impact resistant, shockproof, oil stain resistant, corrosion resistant, good hand feel, tough to break, tear resistant, recyclable, and is a globally recognized green, sustainable and biodegradable new environmental protection material

石塑箱设备 高分子石塑箱设备 高分子钙塑箱设备

Stone carton is a new material between paper and plastic. It can completely replace traditional functional carton and professional carton, and has the characteristics of low cost and controllable degradation Production of stone cartons to protect water resources and save energy: stone cartons have a strong sense of environmental protection. The production of stone cartons does not require washing with water, nor does it require strong acids, strong alkalis and bleaches, so there is no problem of wastewater discharge The scope of application is very broad, and it is a sunrise industry with strong vitality.

Provide a complete set of solutions and turnkey projects. The stone carton equipment includes three parts: material processing (granulation), molding processing (sheet extrusion), and post-processing (printing, die-cutting, and binding). Our company provides a complete set of solutions such as plant planning and layout, technical training for stone carton production personnel, a complete set of equipment production lines, stone carton production process, and formula for each link of stone carton production. We have provided many stone carton turnkey projects at home and abroad, and have been widely recognized by customers.

PP钙塑包装板 石塑包装板 高分子石塑包装板

Application range of stone carton:

It is applicable to the transportation and packaging of fruits, vegetables and food agricultural products. It can also effectively protect the moisture of fruits and melons from evaporation, keeping them fresh and rotting. It can also be used for the outer packaging of parts and components in electronics, precision, machinery, auto parts, hardware and other industries. It can also be used as the packaging box in chemical industry, pesticide, medicine, food, building ceramics, shoes and bags, clothing and hats, cosmetics and other industries

Stone carton equipment service:

Pre-sales: customers and friends can carry out various technical and business consulting for our company. Our company will provide relevant information for reference, and provide corresponding market conditions, sales prices, and sales methods, so that customers and friends can understand the whole market.

During sale: after the contract is signed by both parties, the company can provide the installation drawings of water, electricity, gas and foundation of the corresponding design equipment according to the customer's requirements and actual conditions, and provide the detailed purchase list and supporting manufacturers for the customer's reference. After the completion of equipment production, communicate with the customer in advance to make an appointment to come to our company for machine test and provide various conveniences.

After-sales of stone carton equipment: after the production equipment is debugged and qualified by our company, the equipment arrives at the user service and the commissioning personnel arrive at the site within the time required by the customer to carry out installation, commissioning, personnel training and technical handover until the user can operate independently and produce qualified products. All production equipment of our company are provided with production formula free of charge, and the equipment is debugged according to this formula.

Maintenance and warranty of production equipment: all equipment of our company are provided with corresponding accessories, and the production equipment is guaranteed for one year, with instructions and maintenance manuals.

Main parameters of stone carton equipment:

extruder model












Product width  (mm)






Product thickness (mm)






Main motor power (kw)






Max. extrusion capacity (kg/h)






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